~ Cabins ~
Sights of Mountan Springs Cabins

The area is teeming with wildlife, and you will most likely see deer and wild turkeys feeding in the meadow, chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels playing around the cabins, wild birds of all kinds gathering at our feeders and nesting boxes, eagles soaring overhead, and maybe a bear loping across the trails. Our hummingbirds will entertain you with their voracious feeding frenzies.

The cabins are surrounded by 65 acres with easy well kept hiking trails—both meadows and woods trails. From early spring to late fall you will marvel at the many wildflowers scattered along the trails. A highlight of your stay at Mountain Springs might be a hike through the woods to Wildflower Falls, a picnic at the falls or just relaxing on the porch while experiencing one of our spectacular sunsets which was described by one of our guests as “better than the sunsets at Key West.”

Whatever your day brings, it is nice to know that at the end of the day you can come “home” to your cabin on the mountainside, sit on the porch, watch the birds at the feeders, and bask in the peace and serenity of the mountains as the sun goes down.

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